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How To Find a Dell Part Number (DP/N)?


Locating the correct part number can be tricky sometimes.
But Dell has a fairly simple part numbering system, and usually makes them easy to spot.
Most of the time, the Dell part number can be found on the part on a barcode label, a white sticker, or sometimes on the part itself.
It generally starts with a DP/N, CN, TW, TR, CR, JP, or etc, then a series of alphanumeric with dashes.
The Dell Part Number (DP/N) is the first five alphanumeric letters/numbers after '0'.

For example, the Dell part number for a Dell Inspiron 1525 1526 Laptop Palmrest is X626G.
The part number can be found in one of the following format:

1. Dell Part number with Barcode
Dell P/N

2. Dell Part number with QR Code
Dell P/N

3. Dell Part number on a white sticker
Dell P/N Dell P/N

Multiple Dell Part Numbers?

Some parts can show multiple part numbers for various other attached parts.
For example, a motherboard is an assembly of modem, heat sink, express card cage, video card, and more and each component will show its own part number.
In this case, Make sure to locate the part number on the motherboard itself, not part numbers on other components.

Still confused?

The easiest way to figure out the correct dell part number is to simply Google the part number and look for related results.
or you can simply contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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